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Planned Giving

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What is The Legacy Society?

The Legacy Society recognizes and honors those alumni and friends who have provided for Bemidji State University in their wills or have exercised one of the several planned giving options available through the BSU Alumni & Foundation. You can find the BSU Legacy Society Commitment form here.

Must the gift be a certain amount?
Planned giving can sometimes be a means of providing a larger gift than a donor may be able to otherwise give during his or her lifetime. Membership, however, is not based on the value of planned gifts. All gifts will be gratefully received and any planned gift will qualify its donor for membership in The Legacy Society.

How will members of The Legacy Society be recognized?
Members of The Legacy Society will be listed in a special section of the BSU Alumni & Foundation's Annual Report and on this website. If a member chooses to remain anonymous, that wish will be honored and the name will be kept confidential.

Once my commitment is made, can it be changed?
Your will can be amended at any time and your bequests to the BSU Alumni & Foundation can be changed as your estate changes. Some planned gift instruments are irrevocable in order to qualify for favorable tax treatment.

May I specify how my gift is to be used?
Yes! Your planned gift may be used to create an endowment or add to an existing endowment. Endowments provide a wonderful tribute to honor or commemorate family, friends or business associates. A minimum contribution of $25,000 is required to establish an endowment and can be funded over five years. The contribution is invested and the earnings are spent for purposes you designate. Planned gifts may also be unrestricted. Unrestricted support is particularly appreciated because it helps the Foundation support the University's most immediate and pressing needs.

Is The Legacy Society limited to graduates of Bemidji State University?
No. Membership is open to anyone who provides a planned gift to the Bemidji State University Alumni & Foundation.

Are there any additional benefits to membership in The Legacy Society?
Yes! All members will be invited to the annual Honors Gala each Homecoming. During the event, new members of The Legacy Society will be recognized and presented with a custom designed lapel pin. In addition to the annual banquet, members will receive gift planning assistance, special mailings and invitations, and opportunities to participate in unique continuing education programs and more.

Legacy Society Members

Anderson, Donald Gilbert*
Anderson, Kenneth M.*
Andrican, Boris and Caroline*
Baer, Jessie and H.C. Baer*
Bateman, Grant
Bensen, Jim and Nancy*
Berg, Evelyn
Bergan, John (Dan) and Terri
Birnstihl, M. Fern*
Bishop, Marie*
Bohanon, Elaine D.*
Breen, John Fred*
Breen, Raymond*
Brew, Alan
Brew, Linda
Bridgman, Gurnee and Virginia
Britton, Bill and Henrietta
Bunt, Lynne E.*
Busse, Jeffrey P.*
Campbell Anderson, Joan*
Carlson, Dale and Joanne
Carson, Joe and Jenifer
Chen, Rose and Samuel*
Christianson, Bertha
Clark, Almond (Al)
Czarnecki, Caroline M.*
Dally, Lyle E.*
DeKrey, Donald and Petra
Eggers, Rebecca
Ehlers, Fritz and Robin
Erickson, Janet M.
Erickson, Donald and Mary K
Erickson, Eldridge and Jean C.
Flowers, Ann*
Forseth, Bill and Marge
Froseth, Jerry and Shirley
Gantz-Bergsven, Gail
Gill, Helen
Gillett, Ardis and Ted*
Gladen, Ronald and Nancy
Gregoire, Beulah
Gribble, James D.*
Grimes, Pat
Gunderson, Keith W.
Hagen, Cedsel and Elmen
Hamm, Kathryn K.*
Hanko, James F.
Hanson, Linda and Kurt
Harding, Gudrun and Russell
Harlow, Margaret H.*
Haugsrud, Oluf and Margaret*
Henriques, Beverly
Henry, Annie
Howe, Ruth
Hunt, Myrtie A.*
Instebo, Esther F.*
Jacobsen, Jack and Delphine*
Johnson, Jeffrey and Marjorie
Johnson, Margaret H.*
Johnson, Peggy and Sam*
Johnson, Vince*
Johnson, Wilbur*
Jordan, Johannas
Kelly, Pat and William
King, Richard and Sharon*
Kircher, Margaret Ann*
Kleven, Lillie M.*
Kringen, Curt and Sue
Lind, Eva and Roy*
McMurrin, Neil B. and Patricia
Melville, Nelmarie
Mertz, Kathryn and Donald
Miles, Margaret (Peggy)
Minter, John and Susan
Mitchell, John and Walli
Moore, Dorothy L.*
Moore, Harry*
Morris, Claude W.*
Murray, Betty and George
Nelson, Judy and Norman
Nelson, Raymond
Nelson, Wilfor and Albiona*
O'Boyle, John
O'Connor, Charlie
Parisi, Beulah
Parnow, David and Diane
Perkins, Lawrence
Peters, Bob and Mary Lou
Peterson, David Lee*
Peterson, Rohl Carlo and Patricia
Provo, Joanne M.*
Quistgaard, Jon and Trish
Ramsey, Dave and Kim
Richard, Tom and Sandy
Robertson, Willard and Lois
Rosenbrock, Patricia
Russell, Carol
St. John, Pat and Irwin
St. Martin, Jack and Marie
Schullo, John and Charlotte
Sherman, Ken and Betti
Shimmin, Hazel
Sorenson, Lowell (Steve) and Lois
Sperl, Duane and Celeste
Stenerson, J. Ruth
Sullivan, Lorna and Maury*
Swedmark, Chet
Thiel, Merril*
Tiffany, Dave and Peggy*
Torfin, Joanne
Traxler, John and Mary
Trochlil, Ben and Joan
Tuorila, Jim and Diane
Tweten, Floyd A.
Wallin, Christel and Jeff
Weber, Victor
Welle, Robert and Jeanette
Winter, Wesley
Yliniemi, Shirley
Young, Robert and Sherry
Zielin, Charles and Susan

9 Anonymous

Italics denotes deceased
* denotes charter member